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This year we are entered into the Selby Winter League which will be held from November to March. We will be entering 2 Recurve teams (6 archers), 1 Longbow team (2 archers), 1 Barebow team (2 archers) and 1 Compound team (2 archers). We will be shooting against other clubs from all over, so please shoot to represent us!

To take part, simply shoot a Portsmouth round under competition rules* with another archer and witness and sign your respective scores. Leave your completed score sheet in the score box and it’ll be entered into the monthly results. The dates are:

NovemberMonday 7thtoSunday 13th
DecemberMonday 5thtoSunday 11th
JanuaryMonday 16thtoSunday 22nd
FebruaryMonday 6thtoSunday 12th
MarchMonday 6thtoSunday 12th

As an extra incentive this year, Portsmouth badges will be awarded for scores shot these competitions! Award tiers are 400, 425, 450, 475, 500, 525, 550, 575, 580 and 585!

*Competition Rules

  • Portsmouth competition shoots should be shot on a fresh 60cm, 10 ring face. Compound archers to use three spot faces with only the X ring scoring 10 points.
  • Score sheets can be found in the score sheet draw in the green filing cabinet.
  • Two ends of 3 arrows are allowed as practice/sighters. (6 shots total)
  • Scoring starts immediately after, with twenty ends of 3 shots. (60 shots total)
  • Scores should be called out by the archer and confirmed/filled in by the witness.
  • If you are unsure how Portsmouth competitions are shot, just shoot your round with a more experienced archer and they will help guide you through the process.
  • The first badge awarded will be free. Subsequent badges can be swapped for your lower badge at no cost or purchased outright for a small fee
  • Lower ranked badges will not be awarded after higher ranks have been earned, except in different bow categories.
  • Awarded badges are subject to availability.

Questions? – Jon McCullough (