Chinese New Year 2024 Social Shoot

Bowmen of Harrow are proud to announce the next Social Shoot, which is to take place at the range at 6pm on Sunday the 11th of February celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Angelina (our Social Secretary) has been hard at work creating a fun night of Oriental Themed Archery Games.

Our social shoots are a great way to meet fellow Bowmen of Harrow members as well as an opportunity to compete for unique and fantastic prizes.


There will be 2 main games to play on the night!

GAME 1: Chinese New Year Championship

Each boss will have a standard 60cm target (metric scoring), we will be shooting from the 15-yard line.

There will be special cards dotting around the bosses. Once shot, the card has to be removed from the boss and given to Angelina.

Each card depicts an animal from the Chinese Zodiac and a corresponding number, the number counts toward your score. If the card features the words “Prize Winner” then please see Angelina to claim your card’s price.

  • Shooting from the 15-yard line
  • After each end you move to the next boss on the right, the archers at the last boss rotate back to the first boss on the left
  • 3 Arrows per end
  • 8 Ends in total
  • Cards are to be removed once hit
  • The card number is added to your score sheet
  • Winning cards are to be redeemed for prizes

At the end of the night the archer with the highest score gets the Chinese New Year Championship Trophy


There will be 14 hanging origami cubes (2 per boss). The rules are as follows:

  • You can only shoot 1 cube per end! (If you shoot and hit both cubes in one end you will be disqualified from this game!)
  • You can only shoot at a cube on your current boss
  • If you hit a cube you must remove it and bring it to Angelina to claim your Dragon Badge
  • The person with the most dragon badges at the end of the competition wins the Dragon Slayer Trophy
  • In the event of a tie there will be a sudden death tie-breaker