Winter Knockout Championships & Secret Santa

The Social Secretary and Bowmen of Harrow happily invite you to the Winter Knockout Championships Social Shoot, to be held at 5pm on Thursday 28th December 2023.

The Winter Knockout Championships is a head-2-head winner-stays-on competition using just the Yellow Spots on the boss.

Game Rules:

  • Entrants will need to register using the standard booking system.
  • One entry per archer.
  • Opponents to be determined by a “Name in the Hat” draw on the day.
  • Head to Head (1v1) so 2 Archers per spot shooting at the same time.
  • The shooting line is at 15 yards.
  • 3 arrows per end.
  • The first archer to score 3 arrows on the yellow spot progresses to the next round.
  • In the event of an even score at the end of a winning round, a sudden death tiebreaker end will be shot. For example if both archers score 2 on end one & 2 on end two (bringing the score to 4 each) another full 3 arrow end is played and the game will continue until a winner is determined.
  • You can use your own arrows but you must use BOH Club Bows! (sights optional) This evens the playing field for less experienced archers.
  • All disputes will be settled by the tournament captain who’s decision is final!

Knockout Champ Trophy.
The winner of the Knockout Competition will receive the Winter Knockout Championships Trophy, the runner-up will receive a consolation prize.

Secret Santa

This year for some extra festive fun we will be doing a Secret Santa at the end of the Winter Knockout Championships.

Fill in the form below to be added to the list. You can then purchase your gift and bring it with you on the day, your gift will be placed under the tree and Santa will distribute the gifts at random to the Secret Santa participants.

To keep the gift-giving fair and fun, your gift should not exceed £15 (handmade gifts are also acceptable).

This adds an extra layer of excitement, ensuring everyone receives thoughtful surprises without breaking the holiday budget. So, let the arrows fly and the holiday spirit soar as we come together for a memorable Secret Santa celebration at the archery range!!