Fish and Chips 2023 Quiz

Our annual Fish and Chip night was a great success, full of great food, fantastic people and lots of fun.

Our Social Secretary (Angelina) and Webmaster (Kyri) also hosted a quiz as part of the night’s festivities. Participants formed 4 teams which went Head 2 Head to compete for the winner’s medals.

The winners of the night were: Ben, Nigel, Ainsleigh (and her partner Davy) Hitesh and David.

For those who couldn’t attend, you can try your hand at the quiz below.


Fish and Chip 2023 Quiz

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How many ends are in a Portsmouth Competition?

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How many arrows are shot in one end of a Worcester Competition?

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From which type of wood were English longbows traditionally made from?

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When was archery first included as an Olympic sport?

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Which year was the Barcelona Olympics where a bow and arrow was used to light the Olympic torch?

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In what year did women’s archery debut in the Olympics?

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When was Archery GB formed?

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Who is the patron saint of archers in the Christian tradition?

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In the epic “Ramayana”, which prince broke Lord Shiva’s bow to win Princess Sita’s hand in marriage?

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In which Shakespearean play does an archery contest determine a bride’s suitor?

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In the Marvel comics what is the archer know as Hawkeye’s real name?

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Which Greek god is often depicted with a bow and arrow, representing love and desire?

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In Homer’s “Odyssey”, which test did Penelope set for her suitors involving a bow?

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Which Roman goddess of hunting is often depicted with a bow and quiver?

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In the classic 1973 Disney cartoon Robin Hood, what animal is Little John?

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In Lord of the Rings, Legolas shoots down an Oliphaunt. How many points did this earn him in his kill competition with Gimli?

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What is the name of the popular TV series which features a vigilante archer named Oliver Queen?

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Who played the role of Robin Hood in the 1991 movie: Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves

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What is the name of the popular video game which features an archer heroine named Lara Croft?

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In the movie ‘The Hunger Games’, what did Katniss Everdeen shoot to get the judge's attention during her trial?

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