Easter Social Shoot 2024 Retrospective by Kit Tang

Today was the Bowmen Of Harrow Social Easter Shoot!

Once again we had multiple games. Shoot for score (for Easter Champion Trophy) on the egg themed targets but if you look some targets are different from others… yes the order of the rings has been changed on some, making things a mite trickier. There were also egg cubes (over twice the size of my own cubes) to go for the egg smasher trophy. There were also egg stickers, which when shot revealed on the back either random points (with a mini chocolate egg) OR a bunny rabbit plush (and NO points). Once you shoot on a boss, you move to the next boss next end, making a total of 24 shots over 8 ends.

I decided (too late, I made my decision in end 2) to shoot for cubes and stickers. If there was a surviving cube on my boss I would go for it, if there wasn’t (or I hit a cube) I would go for stickers instead. Towards the end I had 2 cubes and so did my cube rival David… and there we were working out who would have first crack at the last remaining cube. Turns out it was me! Mwahahaha! However, unbeknownest to us a new challenger has appeared! Ninja Joe MB had snuck in under the radar and had 3 cubes already under his belt with nobody noticing, meaning the best I would be able to to was level with Joe and enter… dun dun dun, SUDDEN DEATH.

Anyway my first shot at the last cube pulled through the clicker early and I shot to the left. Whoops. 2nd shot touched the cube on the right, but no damage. Third shot had all the pressure. All eyes on me (because everyone was aware of where we were at in the cube game lol) and the hall was deathly silent. I shot and I heard my arrow hit the cube. BUT, upon scope inspection (yes, the £10 Panda scope is earning its keep) I had only NICKED the left hand side of the cube… nicking the cube was not enough, the cube must be IMPALED for it to count!

So I was out!

David did manage to get the cube on the next end bringing his total to 3 cubes and entering Sudden Death with Joe. They both had a fresh cube set up specially for them to shoot at, with all of us watching (pressure) and the result was David 0, Joe 1. The ninja wins! Drama! Tension! Tonight had it all! And also free chocolate. Chocolate won seems to taste a little bit sweeter…

In the end I was NOWHERE near the top score (diluting my score as I did with cubes and stickers) but I still had a decent haul from the stickers, my final tally, 2 Cube badges, 10 mini chocolate eggs and 5 bunny rabbits!

Another brilliant night from our Social Secretary Angelina and her Dad Kyriacos John Theodorou!

DLDR: cubes under pressure are pure EVIL.