First Steps

Kyri's Archery BlogI’m a noob!

Before this year I’d only picked up a bow and arrow once in my life, but during that “Have a go” archery session at a Butlins with my daughter we were hooked!

We immediately wanted to try again and maybe even take up this sport as a hobby. Once we got home I started trawling the internet to find out as much information as I can. I joined Archery Facebook groups, started following various archery Instagram accounts and watched every archery YouTube tutorial I could, to research the best and safest way to start archery.

One thing was always repeated throughout all my research… Take a beginner course at an Archery GB affiliated club!

Once a beginner’s course is completed then you can join any archery club in the UK, but there was an issue! it was the end of May and most archery clubs in my area (North London) either finished their beginner courses for the year or were fully booked. I was informed on an archery Facebook group (by a Bowmen of Harrow Club member) that there might be a beginner course available at his club.

I applied and booked our courses which we passed and immediately signed up to become members of the Bowmen of Harrow Archery Club, which we found was perfect for us because of their fantastic facilities (parking, outdoor and indoor range, availability 7 days a week, kitchen & bathroom facilities, but best of all the friendly and helpful members). We are so happy and proud to be part of this amazing club and sporting community.

I also found it a great way to bond with my daughter as archery is a sport that we can both progress in together. I love the fact that no matter your age, gender, weight, height, ethnicity, religion and to some extent physical ability, we are all equal when standing in front of a target with bow and arrow in hand!

It is a truly universal sport where we can all compete.