Refurbished chairs – Almost as old as the Club!

If chairs could talk…

Next time you go to sit on a chair consider this ‘The first reference to a chair was made in Egypt around 5800 years ago’ (flintbowmen) and ‘the earliest people known to have regularly used bows and arrows were the Ancient Egyptians’ (cadeiras). According to which of the many references you choose to believe I think most people would agree Archery and Chairs have an extraordinarily long history.

Talking about history an interesting fact emerged about the kitchen chairs at Bowmen of Harrow. To most archers they were just old worn-out seats. However, after chatting to Irene Lawrence, I learnt 42 years ago the chairs were old local authority throw outs and she initially took the green ones as years back all archers, attire was green or white in the summer. Chairs to match the attire!

42 years later the chairs clearly needed updating and Pascal Johnson accepted the challenge. After a call out for fabric, Bob Hedges stepped up and sourced the Moquette material. You may recognise it, as is extensively used on transport systems. It easy to clean and very long lasting, certainly good for another 42 years. If you care to use your imagination, you might see the pattern could resemble the flight path of an arrow which is fitting for our club.

After a month’s hard work, the chairs re-emerged looking smart ready to take their place in the kitchen alongside the new superb tailor-made archery shelf on the back wall as part of the ongoing work to improve the club’s appearance.

Thank you to Pascal Johnson and Bob Hedges.

Article written up by Kathy Gray.