January 2024 Newsletter Safeguarding Reminder

Hi Everybody,

Dina here, club Safeguarding Officer, bringing you the below important Safeguarding update.

From time-to-time we can all benefit from support and coaching to help us avoid or unlearn bad habits, learn new techniques and improve as archers.

We have some very experienced archers in the club who are often happy to help those of us who are less experienced.  However, in order to be sure that we are keeping ourselves and others safe, Archery GB’s guidance is that we only seek coaching and support from qualified coaches.

For group sessions, if there is at least one qualified coach who is leading the session, then non-qualified experienced archers can provide support, for example how we’ve been running our beginners’ courses and Have-a-go sessions. But if not qualified, an experienced archer should not lead any coaching or support sessions including one-on-one support.

This is to ensure that anyone leading coaching or support sessions understands the rules, has the correct training and more importantly understands the principles of Safeguarding, the rules of conduct and their obligations under this.

The safety of our members is of primary importance and we want to protect ourselves and each other from potential harm as well as the potential accusation of harm.

We will shortly be publishing a list of all our qualified coaches but for now, if you or anyone you know would like coaching please speak to myself or our Club Chair and we can advise you who can support.

Wishing you all joy, safety and wellbeing in 2024!